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Erykah Badu Called Blueface 'Trash' and Turned the Universe Against Him

Erykah has super powers. She might actually be God, though.
Erykah has super powers. She might actually be God, though. Andrew Sherman
Do you know what you have to do to piss off Erykah Badu? It's like getting Mr. Rogers to tell you to go BLANK yourself. The endlessly wise and open-minded singer even has the heart to remain one of Kanye's last friends.

Badu gets into online feuds just like any other musician with a social media account, a phone with a signal and the human urge to defend loved ones from sociopaths with time on their hands. But her exchanges don't get too heated, and sometimes we're not even sure if they can be called feuds — like the one she got into with Wayne Coyne over a cover of Ewan MacColl's "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" on a Flaming Lips collaboration. The vast majority are squabbles at best.

Blueface must've really got under Badu's silky smooth skin because Dallas' Queen of Neo-soul basically asked fate itself to turn its eye-popping gaze his way on Instagram. And the universe, no surprise, is a Badu fan.

The Los Angeles rapper, who managed to earn Badu's vengeance, first found viral fame with his 2018 track "Respect My Cryppin," which got him a record deal with Cash Money West. There,  he scored big in 2020 with the single "Thotiana."

He's also known for his amateur boxing bouts and, oh, for a charge of attempted murder that followed with a civil lawsuit for firing a gun in a Las Vegas strip club in October 2022. The beef with Badu started when he posted an Instagram video on June 2 for his latest track "BBD," which featured several pregnant women. The track is the latest swipe at his on-again, off-again girlfriend Chrisean Rock, who caught him cheating on her last October by posting on Twitter, "Y'all can have him. ChriseanRock [sic] is single."

Blueface has a checkered history with women. He has two children with influencer Jaidyn Alexis and another one on the way with Rock —which led to a whole other series of messes between the three including the time he told Alexis on a date that he expects her to take care of all three of his kids. A video surfaced last May of him harassing an intoxicated woman in a nightclub by grabbing her face. Most recently, another Las Vegas woman accused Blueface of kicking her and stealing her phone after Rock punched, according to XXL Magazine.

All of these incidents and probably more that we don't have the time or space to go into prompted Badu to step in online. Blueface posted the caption on the Instagram video for "BBD," “I’m in n out bih life. [sic] I’m not Oscar proud.” Badu, who is known for her work as a doula for friends such as singer Summer Walker, whom she helped give birth to twins earlier this year, responded on an Instagram story post featuring Blueface's post, "He's trash/Universe do your thing."   The next day, Blueface responded with a sarcastic thank you note that says, "W promo. Thank you universe." Fans, however, are urging the rapper to tread lightly now that Badu has whipped out her spiritual karma powers to turn the universe against him — especially since he's somehow facing a third legal hurdle after Las Vegas police arrested and charged him with robbery while he was literally in court for a proceeding on his aggravated murder charge, according to FOX5.

After Badu called for the universe to turn on Blueface, just a little over a week later, he got slapped with a completely separate charge while he was in court on a different charge. Wow. That's just spooky. Even a Penn-Jillette-level atheist would tell Blueface at this point, "Dude, stop tempting fate." 
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