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12 Dallas Bars To Find Your Own Barbie World

The Moet vending machine at Lexy's is so Barbie.
The Moet vending machine at Lexy's is so Barbie. Lauren Drewes Daniels
As most of us with internet already know, the new Barbie movie, directed by the renowned indie queen Greta Gerwig, is set to release this summer. The film is supposed to be a stark departure from the computer-animated Barbie DVDs you might have once given to your younger sister when you decided you had outgrown them.

Geared toward an adult audience, Barbie has an allure that extends beyond childhood, so you won’t have to feel embarrassed about enjoying it. (Not that there’s anything wrong with watching kids’ movies after a long day of soul-destroying office work.)

While many details of the story remain undisclosed, the cast is star-studded, the fashion is fabulous and we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for a thought-provoking, meta-feminist message. And, sure, it is weird that Ryan Gosling is playing Ken, but maybe it has something to do with the plot. Regardless, everybody seems ready to get high on nostalgia, because let’s face it — the world was way cooler when we played with Barbies.

To gear yourself up for the forthcoming release of Barbie, it's crucial to embrace the essence of the Barbie universe. Pull your old Barbies out of your mom’s attic and arrange them all over your apartment, chew on one of her shoes, whatever you need to do to reconnect. Even more relatable, Barbie drinks (!) now that she isn’t entertaining little kids anymore. And you can party just like she would, by getting blackout in an effervescent, hyper-femme ambiance. Think chic cocktail bars with pink accents, retro-inspired lounges with a touch of sparkle or trendy venues that exude modern glamour. If you want to go even deeper, take some inspiration from some of the other many Barbie iterations: Mermaid Barbie, Fairy Barbie, Malibu Barbie — Any of those jogging your memory?

These 10 places in Dallas will give you a great excuse to try out your Barbie costumes for the movie release. We’re dressing up, right? We have to dress up for this.

XOXO Dining Room

3121 Ross Ave.
In case the name wasn't a loud enough clue, there is no place to get a drink in this city that is more girly than XOXO: Instagram photo ops, giant chandeliers, pink button booths, trees made of whimsical fairy lights, pink drinks and a lot of real-life Dallas Barbies making sure their cameras eat first. So, gather your fellow pink enthusiasts, toss aside your reservations (but be sure to make one) and have an experience that would make Barbie herself question her life choices.

Truth & Alibi

2618 Elm St.
This unassuming speakeasy is a Deep Ellum fixture that can be really easy to miss. It’s where Barbie would want to go for her 21st birthday. All the specialty cocktails are different hues of pink and purple, and there's a cutesy candy shop vibe. Remember the Barbie Dreamhouse you could make out of cookies? It’s like that, except with a lot of wannabe Kens running around trying to dance with you and your friends.
click to enlarge
Truth and Alibi is a speakeasy behind a candy shop. How Barbie is that?
Roderick Pullum


308 N. Bishop Ave.
A whimsical hideaway in the heart of Bishop Arts, Paradiso will make you feel like you've stumbled into a life-size dollhouse, somewhere Barbie would stay in Amalfi. It’s a perfect place to pregame before you start hitting the clubs later. You can take some nice photos on the patio while the sun is still shining to make it look like you have your life together. Be careful with their Rose Gold cocktail or you’ll be throwing up Barbie pink by the end of your night.
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You might be throwing up Barbie-pink after a night in Paradiso, where the drink menu is a paradise.
Molly Wolchansky

Mermaid Bar

308 N. Bishop Ave.
Adjacent to Paradiso, Mermaid Bar is the exact sort of place that Mermaid Barbie would open as an adult. Everything is nautically themed, right down to the tiny little plastic mermaids with which the bar decorates your drink. Those can’t possibly be good for the ocean, but Barbie would never think such negative thoughts. She is, after all, plastic herself.
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The new Mermaid Raw Bar in the Bishop Arts District.
Lauren Drewes Daniels

Wonder Bar

2107 N. Henderson Ave.
If Peace & Love Barbie took acid (which she obviously did), her trip would look just like this bar. It’s a visual explosion full of psychedelic, Instagramable scenes, and, of course, fun, sugary-sweet cocktails. It’s an interactive experience that is best had while drunk, phone in hand, Barbie costume on. Remember, you have to dress up, so you better get used to it.


3011 Gulden Lane, No. 114
Lexy’s is where Barbie Extra Fancy™ would hang out. It’s elegant and classy. The rose-lined ceilings and feathery pink chandeliers add an extra layer of panache. There’s a Moët & Chandon vending machine for God’s sake; you just can’t walk in here fresh from your Pilates class — you’re going to need some lipstick and heels.
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Deep, pink, plush booths with simple backgrounds at Lexy's are photo-ready.
Lauren Drewes Daniels


1914 Commerce St.
A scene straight out of Barbie's poolside paradise, this rooftop pool has some of the best views of the skyline. It’s located on the 19th floor of the Statler Hotel, which looks like somewhere Malibu Barbie and Malibu Ken would stay on a work trip to Dallas. Drink, swim or just look hot in a bathing suit next to the pool with the other hot people.
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Enjoy DJ spins, sunny swims and beautifully crafted cocktails at Waterproof.
courtesy The Statler

The Mansion Bar

2821 Turtle Creek Blvd.
If you’re more of a Day to Night Barbie who doesn’t have a lot of time for late nights, there is no better place for a working girl to get a stiff, unfussy drink than the Mansion Bar. The hotel bar has a great happy hour, and if you hang around long enough you might be able to meet your very own Sugar Daddy Ken. Yes, that is really a thing. Be sure to order an Old Fashioned; they love to see a girl drinking whisky because they think it’s quirky or something. Just get the bag.


1 Highland Park Village
Any self-respecting Barbie Fashionista would come here to down a few cocktails before a spending spree at the shops of Highland Park Village. They stick with the classics here, so sadly there is not a single pink cocktail on the menu. But fear not: you can always get a glass of rosé or a Bellini. Whatever gets you opening your wallet at LoveShackFancy will work.
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Bring your Ken to Sadelle's for a mimosa.
Nathan Schroeder

Sweet Tooth Hotel Flagship

1511 Elm St., No. 111
Another Instagrammable paradise, Sweet Tooth Hotel allows you to experience multiple immersive environments that are decked out in multicolored neon scenery. Put on your best Disco Barbie jumpsuit for a full-on photoshoot that will definitely make your ex want you again. You can even go back in time to the 1950s, when Barbie was a fresh-faced newcomer.
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Sweet Tooth Hotel is one of the Barbie-est places in Dallas, by far.
TA Visuals Model

Punk Society

2723 Elm St.
Punk may not be the first or even last thing that comes to mind when thinking about Barbie, but that’s only because you have never seen Jam ‘n Glam Barbie. If you had, you would know that she would be at Punk Society every single weekend, because it’s not that gritty, or punk. It’s a haven for Barbies who want to wear dark eyeliner in a non-threatening environment. It has a bottle menu, and that alone should tell you how punk the place is.

Hotel ZaZa

2332 Leonard St.
Be sure to end your glitzy, glittery bender at the Hotel ZaZa pool. The hotel is having a special pool takeover July 17–23, with Barbie Malibu-inspired cocktails just in time for the movie release. Look for a Lifesize Barbie box, Barbie experience cabanas and a lot more that will have you seeing pink for days. Get a drink, get a tan and really start to contemplate getting extensions and dying your hair platinum blonde. You won't regret it.
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ZaZa is celebrating the Barbie release with a special event.
Courtesy of Hotel ZaZa
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